First Impressions: One Punch Man EP1

Disclaimer: I have read the manga so I was prepared for the nonsense I was about to witness.

The biggest thing that stood out to me is the scale of the show. Madhouse did a great job making the huge monsters feel ignorantly gigantic.

Opening fits perfectly with the anime

Saitama is… troll. Not once in my life have I not wanted to look like a main character in any anime and till this day, I still feel that way. Saitama has no swag potential yet looks so bad ass. At first I hated this face,

Saitama 1

But then I realized that they used that face to make this face look cooler

Saitama 2

Author ONE, in his/her story “One Punch Man” uses Saitama, an average man with the ambition to become a hero to prove that competition drives people to be the best they can be which is evident in his attitude towards his life and his dreams.

We got facts boys:

Saitama 3

Soundtrack is epic so far. Really love the music when the Subterranean King emerges from the ground to challenge Saitama

Subterranean King

Subterranean King = Kassadin

The fighting scenes are choreographed with utter perfection. Definitely 10/10 in that department. Really fun to watch despite the fact we know Saitama will only need one punch to put his opponent into the graveyard.

The ending song of the anime felt out of place but I personally prefer that type of music meaning it is better than the opening. Shout outs to Hiroko Moriguchi for the great ending song.

The only problem I had with this episode is that it is all over the place. We also have no clear goal that Saitama is trying to achieve. We can only guess that he is looking for a worthy opponent to fight because of his dream but it seems like that can only be a dream because he can one shot everyone he punches.

Overall the episode is presented very well. Soundtrack is awesome. The art style is satisfying. The fighting scenes are 10/10. I don’t know where the story can take us but that’s like how every first episode is like nowadays.

Rating: A

Gad’s Rating: S-

Saitama’s swag potential: unlimited


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